Bin Gator Components

Prairieland Bin Sweep Commercial Powersweep Head Unit

The Bin Gator Head Unit uses an inline direct drive high efficiency XP motor and gear reducer.  ½” steel motor mount and reducer frame, 3/8” bottom frame, 10 ga. sidewall. Bolt-on return cover and bolt-on pivot.

Prairieland Bin Sweep Commercial Grade Chain and Rubber Flights or Paddles
The Bin Gator uses a heavy duty 81XH chain, 10 ga. flighting backup plate, ½” quarry duty rubber flights combined with a hardened steel sprocket and heavy duty bearings.
Prairieland Bin Sweep Tractor Unit Rear View
The tractor uses a ½ hp XP motor.  Foam filled tractor lug tires are used on an adjustable swivel mount with a dual option .  The tractor operates in forward, neutral or reverse and drives only when needed.
Prairieland Bin Sweep Commercial Grade Tail Section
The tail section is constructed with a 3/8” top and bottom frame, 3/16” sidewall, 1/4” box steel take up, heavy duty bearings and hardened steel sprockets.
Powersweep Center Pivot Sump
The standard center sump is 42″ square with a sweep support pivot.