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Introducing 3 Bin Gator Bin Sweep Models From Prairie Land Millwright

Single Arm – Rated Between 2,500 to 11,000 BPH
Arm and a Half – Rated Between 9,000 to 22,000 BPH
Double Arm – Rated Between 9,000 to 22,000 BPH

All models are designed using high efficiency inverter duty C-face (explosion proof) motors and high efficiency heavy duty gearing.  Bin Gator bin sweeps are industrial grade grain unloading systems and can handle the work load in any commercial installation.  Our sweeps are designed to move grain efficiently at high volumes using far less horsepower than conventional auger sweeps.  Bin Gator models are fully enclosed on the back side and have NO rotating augers or parts that might pull you into the sweep.  The heavy duty drag chain, hardened sprocket, direct drive heavy duty high efficiency gearing and motors combined with heavy gauge steel construction translates into years of heavy duty commercial operation along with optimal user safety.

Bin Gator bin sweeps from Prairie Land Millwright actually sweep the bin floor leaving little or no grain behind. Our sweeps require minimal labor to finish clean up of a bin floor once the cycle is complete.  During operation, grain “avalanches” are held at bay ahead of the sweep.

Purchasing sweeps from other companies means purchasing an auger or a paddle sweep system not designed for commercial sized bins.  Those systems are also notorious for not actually sweeping the bin floor clean.  Bin Gator systems are custom manufactured to fit any sized tank, are proudly made in the USA in Mendota, Illinois and built to be your last sweep purchase.

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